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Is Ibutamoren a steroid?

No. It’s neither structurally similar to a steroid, nor does it behave like one in the body.

What is the recommended dose?

25mg MK-677 a day is all you need to achieve IGF-1 levels similar to injecting 3iu rHGH.

Will Ibutamoren truly help me build muscle? I have tried whey, creatine, BCAA, nothing works.

Whey, creatine, BCAA are naturally present in foods. Supplementing will only marginally change your body composition, if at all.

MK-677 modulates how much growth hormone your body produces, therefore making a greater use of nutrients you ingest and increasing protein synthesis.
So yes, MK-677 does work if your goal is to build muscle, get a better pump, and shred fat.

If it works so well, why isn’t everyone selling it?

As with any ground-breaking compound, it takes time for it to be recognized and accepted on the market.
And as with every compound that works, the pharma industry and lobbies try as hard as they can to limit their distribution.

How do I know you are selling legit Ibutamoren?

We source raw, third-party tested, pharmaceutical-grade Ibutamoren that is 99% pure.

I have read that only liquid Ibutamoren works, and powder is a scam.

Liquid Ibutamoren is manufactured by adding an alcohol solution to raw powder.
We provide you with the raw powder in a capsule, saving you the harmful effects of alcohol and providing you with a pure pharmaceutical grade product.